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Park and Ride in Virginia

Statewide Park & Ride Lot Interactive Map


Projects in the George Washington Region

Interactive Map – Click on Map Icons for more information


2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) Maps

Interactive Map – Click on Map Icons for more information


I-95 SB Rappahannock River Crossing Change

Potential Eligible Highways for 60 mph Speed Limit

GW Region: VA Planning District 16

2010 Population Density

2040 Population Density

2010 Employment Density

2040 Employment Density

Community Plans Scenario Land Use

Comparative Levels of Service

Current V/C Ratio/LOS

Functional Highway Classification

2040 Unimproved Network (2040 Population/2010 Network)

2040 Needs Plan Vehicle t0 Capacity (V/C) Ratio/Level of Service (LOS)

Transit Needs Map (2040 Densitities)

GW Region Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs

Constrained Highway Plan Projects

2040 Constrained Plan V/C Ratios/LOS

Constrained Transit Plan (2010 Densities)

Demographic Trends (TAZ = Traffic Analysis Zone)

Population Growth, 2000-2006

Employment Growth, 2000-2006

Land Use

Land Use, 2006

Regional Industrial Parks, 2006

2006 Developed Land – Single-Family Residential

2006 Developed Land – Mulit-Family Residental


Federal Function Highway Classifications

2017 Recommended Transit Services

2035 Recommended Transit Services

2035 Highway Needs Plan

2035 Bicycle & Pedestrian Needs Plan

Natural Resources

Impaired Waters – Spotsylvania County

Impaired Waters – Stafford County

Impaired Waters – Fredericksburg

Impaired Waters – Caroline County

Impaired Waters – King George County

Human Services

Percent of Population Reporting a Disability by Block Group

Individual Locations of Visually Impaired Inhabitants

Percent of Elderly Popoulation by Block Group

Population Density by Acre

Combined Agency Transportation Services

disAbility Resource Center Origin

Rappahannock Area Community Services Board (RACSB) Origin & Destination

Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging (RAAA) Delivered Meals

Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging (RAAA) Meal Centers & Users




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