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Population Estimates

01 Detailed Local Population Estimates (Age, Race, Sex & Ethnicity) (2000-2013) excel1
02 Comparative Federal-State Local Population Estimates (2000-2015) excel1

Population Projections

03 Local & Regional Population Projections (Age, Sex & Ethnicity), 2010-2040 excel1

Population Characteristics

04 Persons Below Poverty Level (2008-2013) excel1
05 Selected Economic Characteristics (2011-2013) excel1

Economic Data

06A County Business Patterns, 2012 excel1
06B Covered Wage & Salary Employment (Quarterly, 1990-2014) excel1

Note: this 06B file replaces the existing file of monthly employment data from 2001-2009. The quarterly trends of establishments, employment and wages (annual and weekly average) provides more economic indicators (at local & regional level) over a longer time series. To compile monthly data series was too time consuming given the complexity of data retrieval method necessary for the agreed upon work scope and budget

Commuting Data

07A Commuting Data – Inflow & Outflow Analysis, 2011
07B Commuting Data – In- & Out-Commuter Profile & ACS 5-Year (2009-2013)

Housing Data

08 Residential Building Permits (2000-2014) excel1
09 Housing Unit Estimates for Virginia PDCs, Counties and Cities: 2010-2013 (extra file) excel1
10 Selected Housing Characteristics (2011-2013) (extra file) excel1

Health Data

2015 Health Statistics by County excel1

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